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Why do I hand feed baby birds? (Part One)

I have been hand feeding baby birds for 35 years, and although it is a 24/7 job, I love it. I believe hand fed birds make better pets because they bond with humans from an early age. I become "mom" as soon as I start hand feeding, and the birds adjust in only a day or two.

I believe the reason to have a pet bird is for companionship. Birds love their flock, and when you have a pet bird you and your family become their flock. When the whole family handles the bird it becomes versatile. Your bird will bond with you and depend on you not only for food, but for love and affection.

When I hand feed babies I take them out of their container and feed on a towel. The bird gets used to being handled by a

human during feeding, and while picking it up and putting it back into it's container. I always touch the body and feet when the bird is fed so it is comforted and not stressed. When you pick up your baby bird to take it home it will love being handled and stroked on it's back and neck.

Stay tuned for part two on hand feeding baby birds where I explain more about my hand feeding schedule!

- By Christie Price, Co-Founder

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