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Dried Mealworms: tasty treat for wildlife and pets

Do you get the creepy crawlies from worms? Well the good news is mealworms are not actually worms! Just the larvae of the Darkling Beetle. Mealworms are actually very clean and a great source of nutrients for many animals including wild and pet birds. They are packed with protein, fat and fibre, and you can feed them all year. Mealworms are perfect in winter when wildlife is working hard to forage for their food, and great in spring for adults to feed to their growing babies. They are appealing not only for their nutrients, but because they stimulate the animal's natural instincts.

Why feed dried mealworms? Because they don't expire (and they don't crawl away!). Even after you open the package your dried mealworms will still be good, and if you want them plump you can rehydrate them. Just soak them in water for 20 to 30 minutes and you are done!

Dried mealworms can be fed in many different ways including a mealworm sock, open dish or mixed in with bird seed. Most people think of chickens when they hear mealworms, but you may be surprised at the variety of different animals that enjoy this tasty nutritious snack. Feed them to your pet birds or chickens, or attract wildlife to you by feeding them to wild birds!

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Betty Jones
Betty Jones
Apr 21, 2023

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Aug 05, 2020

I can’t open the lid 😤 ps, is this ok for bats?

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