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Insect Hotels: a home for your garden bees and bugs

In recent years there has been a big shift towards taking better care of our environment and the creatures within it. From the declining bee population, to the effect of chemicals and pesticides, to the bigger challenge of climate change, we have started to create small changes in our lifestyles and in our homes. How can what I do make a difference? That is the question many of us ask, and the answer is yes, you can. One big way to have an impact on the environment and the health of your own garden, is to hang an insect hotel!

An insect hotel, or bug house, is a little house made from natural wood and other natural materials which provides a safe nesting or hibernating place for "good" bugs in your garden. The different sections of a bug home create ideal habitats for various pollinators including solitary bees and butterflies. You can attract more of these insects by planting flowers and plants in your garden that attract pollinators (i.e. perennials, colourful annuals, fruit trees, vegetables, dill, coriander, fennel, yarrow, etc.). You can also get rid of your chemicals and pesticides because your insect hotel will attract bugs such as ladybirds, earwigs and lacewings which eat garden pests such as aphids and mites. Your bug house is a natural way to promote the health of your garden and create a thriving ecosystem.

The best place to put your insect hotel is a slightly sheltered area away from the wind, but make sure it has some sunshine. It is best to keep water out (you can slightly tilt your bug house forward to prevent water from getting inside the bamboo holes), but our Nature's Buddy insect hotels come with metal roofs to prevent dampness from seeping into the wood. You can hang your bug house up all year round as it will attract different types of bugs at different times of the year. You may need to be patient for a couple weeks when first hanging your hotel, as it will take some time for the bugs to discover the home and get cosy in it.

The benefits insect hotels are endless and they have an impact not only on you and your garden, but on the world and conservation efforts. They are a great way to educate kids about wildlife, gardens and sustainability in a hands on and engaging way. They will help keep your garden healthy and provide a save home for your friendly garden bugs.

- Christie Price

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