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Benefits of Dog Toys for your Pet

We are given so much joy and unconditional love from our animals with nothing expected in return, but it is our responsibility to take care of the well being (physical, mental, and emotional) of our pet. In this post we will discuss the range of benefits that dog toys have for your furry friends.

When considering our first product of dog toys we focussed on a balance between health and fun. After researching we decided on a variety of vibrant and colourful toys that will benefit the overall well being of your pet.

These benefits include:

  • Relieving boredom and separation anxiety

  • Discouraging destructive behaviour

  • Mental stimulation

  • Promoting dental and jaw health

  • Increasing the bond between you and your pet

  • Encouraging socialisation with other dogs

Chewing is a natural behaviour for dogs, which also benefits their oral hygiene. When your dog chews on toys and ropes it acts as a natural flosser working to remove the plaque and tartar built up on their teeth and gums. Our rubber bone has little spikes across the surface which is designed specifically for cleaning teeth during play. Activities such as playing tug of war with one of our rope toys will also help strengthen the bone structure of the jaw.

Although the physical exercise gained through play is important, dogs can also become bored very easily. Adding brain games into your pet's play can help stimulate them mentally. This will help prevent your dog from becoming bored which leads to destructive behaviour. Our treat ball gets your pup thinking and challenges them to figure out how to receive his treats. You can also introduce games with your toys such as hide and seek. Teach your dog a word to associate with a toy so he will search for the toy you hide (find the carrot or where is the giraffe?).

Some pets suffer from separation anxiety, but you can teach them to enjoy their alone time. The goal is for your pet to develop a connection between alone time and something they like, such as a favourite toy! Every time you leave the house offer your pup something positive, such as a comfort toy or a favourite chew toy (be sure to remove any toys that are falling apart to make sure your pet is safe). When you get home remove this special toy and only use it when your pup is left alone. Your dog's connection will develop quickly and being alone will become a positive experience.

Our favourite benefit of course is increasing the bond between you and your pet, and encouraging their socialisation with other dogs. Our toys are designed to be FUN! Having a variety of different toys in bright colours will be very exciting for your dog and they will want nothing more than to play with YOU. As little as 15 minutes of play a day can be a very rewarding experience for your dog, and even has benefits for your own well being. Playing and socialising with other dogs is also important because it will help develop your dog's coping skills. A lack of socialisation can lead to your dog being afraid of people, new places and new experiences.

In our Nature's Buddy Dog Toys 8 Pack Set we have a toy for every benefit. Our goal is to create a connection between you and your pet with high quality natural toys. Check out our dog toys here to get your set and get playing!

Written by - Christie Price

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